It’s Time for a Change in Morro Bay!


A Leader Who Listens. 


Like you, I’ve enjoyed making a home and raising my family here on the Central Coast.


As a longtime resident, I have had the privilege of making my family home within the City of Morro Bay. For 42 years of that time my family and I grew a local business into a regional business. I understand what it’s like to sign both the front and back of a paycheck and what it’s like not to have a paycheck.

While we live in extraordinary times, it’s important to preserve the unique qualities that make our coastal community so special and to work together to bring business back to life for our families and future generations.

As your Mayor I pledge to restore faith in the way city hall delivers services to its neighbors, to save taxpayers money, and to ensure accountability by your elected officials.

We have thrived as a community many times before, and together, Morro Bay will come back stronger than ever. It’s important to me as a resident and a volunteer, to honor and to serve with integrity – a commitment I’ve made before and that I stand by today.

I humbly ask for your support. My name is John Weiss and I am running to be your next Mayor of Morro Bay!

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Ready to Change Morro Bay?

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