Thank You For Your Support, Morro Bay

I am grateful for all your support this election.

My Resume

John Weiss


Professional Communications-Electronics Small Business Owner

Education and Qualifications:  

As a 20+ year resident and 30+ year small business owner of Morro Bay, I am running to serve all of the people of Morro Bay. I am open-minded to views I have not considered or may not agree with. I promise to work to find respectful win-win solutions for the citizens of our community. 

Mayoral Positions: 

To be respectful of all citizen view points and consider their input before making decisions. Our Public Safety first responders are essential to our residents. If funding can be secured, I would like to re-open our 2nd Fire Station in North Morro Bay to shorten the response time for medical emergencies and structure fires.

I will take a thoughtful look at the plans and the costs of Morro Bay’s Sewer and Reclamation Project, vetting the existing plan and looking at affordable options either with the existing plan or alternate plans. 

To support our Maritime Museum, Natural History Museum, Harbor Assets, and Morro Bay’s Historical Society. To support our children’s learning and recreational opportunities, our Fishing Industry, and our Seniors’ well being and quality of life.

“He’s owned a business in Morro Bay for 40 years. Now he’s running for mayor”


– Andrew Sheeler, The Tribune


Vote for John!

– Craig Bassett


John Great to see you take on this campaign. You will dedicate yourself to this as you do all your projects. For what it is worth, you have my support!

– Rupert C Chowins


Vote for John Weiss.

– John Gajdos


Countdown to Election Day








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